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Dacor Service Atlanta, Llc Appliance Repair for everything dacor

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At Dacor Service Atlanta, we treat each service call with utmost urgency. We schedule each appointment on your schedule, even if that means working late into the evening after you get home from work. From simple light bulb changes to extensive control board replacements, we've experienced it all and can help you every step of the way!

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Whether it's replacing a bulb in your Dacor refrigerator, or getting your Dacor oven working in time for a family gathering, Dacor Service Atlanta is here to help you every step of the way!dacor service atlanta, llc appliance repair, local appliance repair, home appliance repair


For prompt service on your Dacor appliance, please phone our Atlanta help line at 770-205-9967, or contact Dacor customer service directly at 1-800-793-0093.

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Dacor Factory Authorized and Certified

Dacor Certified and Factory Authorized service and repair for all Dacor ovens, refrigerators, Dacor microwaves, Dacor cooktops, Dacor ranges, Dacor wine stations, etc.

Dacor Service Atlanta is a Factory Certified Service agent of Dacor, Inc. Every technician on our team has been trained by Dacor to be an expert on the Dacor product line. If you are located in the Metro-Atlanta area and have a service issue with your Dacor product, we are the most highly trained technicians in your service area. We are committed to Dacor customer satisfaction!


Appliance Repair for Everything Dacor!

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Dacor Service Atlanta is the only exclusive Dacor Certified Service Technicians for the Metro-Atlanta and surrounding cities and we service all Dacor appliances. For more information regarding Dacor Factory Certified expert service for your Dacor appliances, or for information on how to purchase Dacor appliances from an authorized dealer near you, contact Dacor, Inc. directly at 1-800-793-0093.