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Dacor Service Atlanta is the only exclusive Dacor Certified Service Technicians for the Metro-Atlanta and surrounding cities and we service all Dacor appliances. For more information regarding Dacor Factory Certified expert service for your Dacor appliances, or for information on how to purchase Dacor appliances from an authorized dealer near you, contact Dacor, Inc. directly at 1-800-793-0093.

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Dacor Service Atlanta

Dacor Certified and Factory Authorized service and repair for all Dacor ovens, refrigerators, Dacor microwaves, Dacor cooktops, Dacor ranges, Dacor wine stations, etc.

Over the past few years, Dacor Service Atlanta has received numerous repair requests from Dacor Appliance owners who used an appliance service not certified by Dacor and learned the hard way why selecting a Dacor Factory Certified Technician is so important. With each service call we've found that our valued customers had their Dacor Oven, Dacor Cooktop, Dacor Refrigerator, and more malfunction due to the negligence of a non-certified technician in order to save a few dollars. In fact, in most cases our prices were lower in comparison. However, we understand that it can sometimes be confusing when several appliance service providers in the Greater Atlanta Area are advertising online under the heading "Dacor Service". We want you to be aware that some of these service providers are in no way affiliated with, nor in any way associated with or sponsored by Dacor, Inc. Please don't be misled by internet ads promising "factory authorized service" from Dacor. We are the only Dacor Factory Certified Service Provider in the State of Georgia. If you're unsure about a technician who recently serviced your Dacor Appliance, contact Dacor, Inc. directly at 1-800-793-0093 or visit to locate a Factory Certified Service Provider in your area for an inspection of your Dacor Appliance. Don't void your warranty by choosing a non-certified appliance repair technician. Contact Dacor, Inc. today!

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Notice to Our Valued Customers

At Dacor Service Atlanta, we stand by our work. If for any reason you are not satisfied that we have resolved your Dacor appliance issue, we won't stop working until you are. That's our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! All of our techs stand ready to repair your Dacor Oven, Dacor Cooktop, Dacor Refrigerator, Dacor Microwave, Dacor Dishwasher, Dacor Range, and any other Dacor Appliance you own to factory specs.  We're here to serve your Dacor service and repair needs!

Guaranteed Repair

What does it mean to be Dacor Factory Certified? It means every technician on our team has been trained by Dacor to be an expert on the Dacor product line. Each technician is equipped with every specialty tool necessary to professionally service your Dacor appliance to factory specs. We are the only Dacor Factory Certified Service Provider in the State of Georgia. We service the entire Metro-Atlanta area, including all surrounding cities. If you are experiencing trouble with your Dacor Oven, Dacor Cooktop, Dacor Refrigerator, Dacor Microwave, or any other Dacor Appliance, we're here to help.


For prompt service on your Dacor Appliance, please phone our Atlanta help line at 770-205-9967.

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